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Driving out seagulls: removal solutions

When it comes to seagulls, the main objective is to ensure your safety and protect your facilities from potential damage. We are a specialised company offering pest control and pigeon trapping services, but not only: we are also experts in bird removal, including the problem of seagulls.
Seagulls, known for their white and grey plumage, belong to a large family of birds. When these birds are present in excessive numbers, sanitation problems arise for both private individuals and companies.
These birds can also damage surfaces and monuments with their droppings and can be carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis, escherichia coli and fungi. Pest control, deterrence and pigeon removal are essential services, but when it comes to seagulls, a different approach is required, given their legal protection.

Our solution: the electronic Scary Hawk

Our patented ‘scary hawk’ or electronic hawk system addresses the gull problem in an effective and respectful manner. This deterrent consists of a robust iron box housing an automatic hawk with wide-range motion sensors, covering a 180-degree angle and a 10-metre radius. When the automatic hawk is activated, it snaps outwards, and the self-powered speakers reproduce the hawk’s typical cry, scaring away any seagulls in the vicinity.
The falcon operates automatically, activating when the seagulls approach the predetermined distance. The machine consists of a mechanical body, a support arm, a control panel and motion sensors for activating the loudspeakers.

Advantages of the electronic falcon

– Compliance with the law: as seagulls are protected animals, the electronic falcon is the legal and ethical solution for their removal.
– Proven efficiency: our deterrent is highly effective in driving away seagulls, protecting your facilities from damage and unwanted intrusion.
– Easy installation: the scary hawk system can be easily installed on roofs, balconies, and other structures, offering a practical solution.

Keep gulls away properly, contact us today to protect your areas with our ‘scary hawk or electronic hawk’ and ensure a problem-free environment for these protected birds.

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