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Pigeon and bird dissuasion with patented electronic hawk

Pigeons and other birds can cause considerable nuisance, damaging buildings, causing unwanted noise and posing a risk to public health. It is therefore essential to remove pigeons, but also other birds such as crows, gulls, sparrows and starlings. To achieve this, we have developed a state-of-the-art, patented system for keeping pigeons away: the electronic Scary Hawk.

Our solution

The electronic Scary Hawk is a deterrent consisting of an iron box housing an automatic falcon equipped with motion sensors with a range of 10 metres by 180 degrees. The automatic hawk, hidden inside, is activated when it detects the presence of birds in the vicinity beyond a predetermined distance, emitting the hawk’s cry through self-powered speakers and simulating its movement. This scares and drives away pigeons effectively and without damage.
It consists of a mechanical body, a support arm, a control panel, motion sensors for activation and self-powered speakers. This innovative device is an advanced and environmentally friendly solution for controlling pigeons or other birds.

The advantages of the electronic falcon

– Efficiency: the electronic falcon is highly effective in removing pigeons without causing them any harm.
– Respect for the environment: this solution is animal-friendly, ensuring the safety of the birds and its effectiveness in keeping them away.
– Installation without complications: the electronic falcon is easy to install and offers immediate results, keeping your space clean and safe.
Electronic falconry is one of the most innovative and respectful solutions for protecting your buildings and preserving an environment.

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