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Pigeon dissuasion systems

We are a company specialising in the deterrence, pest control and targeted removal of pigeons and birds with a particular focus on the domestic pigeon Columba Livia variant and other unwanted birds such as crows, gulls, sparrows and turtle doves.
In addition to noise and dirt, pigeons and other birds can compromise surfaces and pose a risk to public health as they transfer even serious infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and salmonellosis, which are very harmful or fatal to humans.
We consider it crucial not only to keep pigeons and other birds away, but also to deter them. This approach solves the problem at its root.
Deterrence can be achieved through the use of nets, spikes, electrified wire, dancing wire and our new patented deterrent system: the electronic Scary Hawk.

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With electronic hawk

Bollard consisting of an automatic falcon equipped with motion sensors. The automatic falcon, hidden inside, is activated when it detects the presence of birds in the vicinity beyond a predetermined distance.

With electrified wire

Track consisting of two conductors and a UV-stabilised polyethylene extrusion that prevents birds from settling on surfaces. Easy to use and effective against all nuisance birds such as pigeons, gulls, starlings and sparrows.

With spikes

Made entirely of stainless steel, this guarantees them to be weather resistance and long life. Installed by experts, they are effective for the protection of windowsills, ledges, eaves, capitals and more.

With dancing wire

Elastic stainless steel wires placed horizontally above the surface to be protected. Their elasticity prevents the birds from landing and the unstable surface prompts them to look elsewhere for a perch.

With net

Nets made of polypropylene and steel that prevent the intrusion of birds of all sizes into protected areas, preventing damage to buildings while ensuring a reduced visual impact.


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