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Electrified wire dissuasion for pigeons and other birds

Pigeons can cause considerable nuisance: they damage buildings, cause unwanted noise and pose a risk to public health.
It is therefore essential to keep pigeons away, but also other birds such as crows, gulls, sparrows and starlings. One way to deter them from roosting on surfaces is electrified wire or electrified track.

Our solution

The track we offer is made from a UV-stabilised polyethylene extrusion, consisting of two conductors, each of which is made up of 7 twisted stainless steel wires. Our electrified wire system is incredibly easy to use. Once the track is attached to the solar power unit, or if necessary fed into the mains, the system is ready to act as a bollard.
The electrified wire is extremely effective against all nuisance birds such as seagulls, starlings, pigeons and sparrows.

A complete and customised solution

We collaborate with a company specialising in the field to ensure that all installations are carried out with the utmost expertise and attention to detail. Whether you have houses, buildings, flats or sheds, our electrified wire deterrent service is the answer to your problem. Protect your space and solve the problem of pigeons and other nuisance birds once and for all.

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