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Removal services and anti-pigeon systems for sheds

The infestation of pigeons and other birds on office or shed roofs is a public hygiene issue that requires immediate attention.
Bird droppings, especially pigeons, pose a threat to human health, as they can spread serious diseases such as salmonellosis and cryptococcosis through the air. Their guano is rich in acids, including nitric acid, which can cause structural corrosion, threatening the integrity of buildings. In addition, various types of pests, such as the “pigeon soft tick” (Argas reflexus), bedbugs, fleas and mites can be found on pigeons. They often cause infestations of the spaces where pigeons nest, especially attics and lofts.
This situation poses a sanitation problem as these pests can transmit infectious diseases.

Annoyance to workers and damage to corporate image

The infestation of pigeons and other birds not only affects the physical structure, but can also severely disrupt the daily activities of workers inside offices and warehouses. These nuisance birds can disrupt normal business operations and cause significant inconvenience to employees.
As for corporate image, this is critical to the success and reputation of your business. The intrusion of pigeons and other birds can project an image of neglect and poor hygiene, leaving a bad impression on your customers. Keeping business spaces free of pests is crucial to presenting a clean and professional environment.

Our solutions

We offer a wide range of services to address these problems quickly and effectively. We handle the remediation, pest control and sanitization of your space, with a focus on guano cleanup. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs, ensuring lasting results and preventing future infestations.
Protect your business, your employees’ health and your corporate image with our bird removal services.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your offices and sheds free of nuisance birds by offering different, long-lasting solutions.

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