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Pigeon removal

With over 40 years of consolidated experience in the sector, we are leaders in offering highly specialised services for the removal and deterrence of pigeons, with particular attention to the domestic variant Columba Livia pigeon, and other nuisance birds such as crows, gulls, sparrows and turtle doves.
The presence or infestation of pigeons and other birds is a widespread problem in both urban and business settings. Pigeons also nest on roofs and balconies and can cause nuisance and structural damage. In addition to causing noise and dirt, they are a risk to public health. Our commitment is to provide a qualified, long-lasting and customised service, specifically designed to fit the specific needs of each client.

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Natural methods

Bird removal solution based on authorised bird collection. Methodology that is compliant with current regulations. We operate in the respect of the birds and the surrounding environment while preventing future settlements.

From the roof

We use only effective and animal-friendly methods for removing pigeons from roofs. We offer spikes, spikes or nets and customise our solution to suit your needs.

From the balcony

Pigeons on balconies can be annoying, unaesthetic and cause damage to structures as well as being a nuisance. For the removal of pigeons from balconies, we offer solutions such as spikes, needles, wire and netting.

Licensed falconer

We employ experienced licensed falconers with all the necessary legal certifications for training falcons to remove pigeons in a natural way from companies, villas, houses, churches, public monuments and public administrations.


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