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Deterrence with wire for pigeons and other birds

The wire is a solution proposed for the deterrence and removal of pigeons and other birds. Ideal for keeping birds away from roofs, balconies, and sheds.

Our solution

The wire is an effective and uncommon solution in the field of pigeon deterrence. This system consists of stainless steel wires placed horizontally above the surface to be protected. The distinguishing feature is the elasticity of the wires, which prevents the birds from landing. The unstable surface prompts them to look elsewhere for a perch, thus solving the infestation problem.
Our service is not limited to pigeons: it is highly versatile and also extends to the management of other annoying birds, including starlings, sparrows and seagulls. Regardless of the type of structure you own, whether houses, buildings, flats or sheds, our pigeon deterrence and removal solution is adaptable to every situation.

The spring-wound stainless steel wire option

For greater effectiveness, we also offer an advanced option of this product: the spring-wound stainless steel dancer wire. This variant adds a further level of complexity to the system, making it even more difficult for birds to land and create disturbance due to the springs present, which make the wire even more unstable.
We understand the importance of respect for animals and the environment, so our approach ensures the protection of birds without causing them physical harm.
Choose our innovative approach of wire deterrence to solve your pigeon and nuisance bird problem.

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