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Pigeon deterrence with anti-bird netting for balconies and roofs

Pigeons or other birds on the roofs of buildings, businesses, warehouses, hospitals, schools, churches and religious buildings can cause a variety of nuisances and even structural damage. In addition to noise and dirt, they can damage surfaces and pose a risk to public health. Central therefore is not only to drive them away but to try to dissuade them, preventing them from coming back in the future. This solves the problem at its root.

Our solution

The solution in this case is the anti-pigeon net, a service that solves the problem effectively, preventing damage to buildings and ensuring respect for animals. These nets are made of polypropylene and steel and are available in different meshes and colours. Their objective is to prevent the intrusion of birds of all sizes into protected areas, while ensuring a reduced visual impact.

Advantages of anti-bird net

– Long-lasting Protection: Our innovative net system, firmly anchored to the building to be protected by strong ropes, plays a key role in preventing birds of various sizes from entering the places to be protected. This solution not only offers extremely effective protection but also virtually unlimited durability, all with minimal visual impact.
– Imperceptible: thanks to the different colours available, the anti-bird netting blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the building, making it imperceptible to observers.
– Versatile applications: the nets are recommended for a variety of applications, including enclosing interior courtyards, covering roofs, insulating the load-bearing structures of shed roofs and protecting vertical surfaces in low relief.

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