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Pigeon netting for solar and photovoltaic panels

Pigeons often tend to nest between the roof and solar panels, causing damage to the panels themselves and undermining their proper functioning. We offer specialized pest control, cleaning and pigeon trapping solutions, ensuring the protection of your photovoltaic systems.

Our solution: anti-intrusion barriers for solar panels

To prevent pigeons or other birds from nesting between the roof pitch and the solar panels above, we offer our solar panel intrusion barriers. These barriers are custom-designed to fit your roof perfectly, providing complete protection. Made of high-quality aluminum and branded Buddysun, they are supplied by OSD GRUPPO ECOTECH, a trusted name in the industry.
The solar panel intrusion barriers are equipped with a special weather-resistant double-sided adhesive. This allows the barrier to adhere to the roof securely, without the use of screws or other tools. This keeps your solar panels intact and undamaged during barrier installation.

We understand that every structure is unique, and needs may vary. That is why our intrusion barriers are highly customizable. Whether you have houses, buildings, apartments, or sheds, we can tailor the barriers to your needs.

Cleaning service for solar panels

In addition to prevention, we take care of maintenance and cleaning of solar panels. We offer solar panel cleaning services in case of soiling due to birds. Keeping your solar panels clean is essential to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
Rely on us to protect your investment and ensure that your solar systems are running at peak performance.

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BUDDYSUN intrusion barrier for solar panels

BUDDYSUN® the innovative Ecobirds® patent makes it possible to plug the niche present between the top of the roof pitch and the solar panels above without the need for cutting and shaping the barrier.
In fact, its special shape allows the barrier to adapt to the undulations of the pitch.
Buddysun® is combined with a specific double-sided adhesive, BUDDYTAPE, which is high tenacity and resistant to weather, heat, cold, water, snow and smog.
The double-sided adhesive system requires no screws or rivets and no drilling of panels.

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