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Removal services and pigeon control systems in condominiums

In condominium communities, infestation by pigeons and other birds is a significant challenge. This problem goes far beyond the mere presence of unwanted birds.

I rischi delle infestazioni di piccioni eThe risks of pigeon and bird infestations in apartments

– Public health risks: pigeon infestation in apartment buildings is a serious public health problem. The droppings of these birds can become vehicles for serious human diseases, including salmonellosis and cryptococcosis. These diseases can be transmitted through the air, endangering the health of apartment building residents. In addition, different types of pests, such as the “pigeon soft tick” (Argas reflexus), bedbugs, fleas and mites can be found on pigeons. These pests often cause infestations inside buildings, especially in attics and lofts, where pigeons usually nest.
– Structural damage: pigeon droppings contain corrosive acids, particularly nitric acid, which can erode parapets, railings, and perimeter walls. This corrosion process not only undermines the aesthetics of buildings, but can compromise their long-term integrity.
– Inconvenience to condominiums: pigeon infestation can also cause significant inconvenience to condominiums as they may find themselves unable to carry out normal daily activities, such as hanging laundry outside. This not only creates frustration, but can also negatively affect the quality of life in the condominium community.

Our solutions

To address these problems effectively, a customized solution is essential. We offer specialized pest control and pigeon trapping solutions designed to ensure hygiene, safety and peace of mind in your shared spaces.
Our solutions include deterrent systems with netting, spikes, electrified wire and dancing wire. We carefully analyze your case and propose the best, customized solution.
Our services are not limited to pigeons, but also include management of other birds such as hawks, doves, crows, sparrows, and all kinds of nuisance birds.
We want to make sure that apartment buildings can enjoy their outdoor spaces to the fullest, worry-free.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your condominium free of pigeon and other bird infestation.

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