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Pigeons and Dirt: How They Can Damage Your Company’s Image

Pigeons, despite their common presence in cities, can pose a significant threat to the image of a business or public place. In this article, we will explore the problem of litter caused by pigeons and how it can negatively affect an organization’s image and reputation.

Pigeon Dirt: A Serious Problem

Pigeons are notorious for their frequent deposit of feces, and this behavior can have serious consequences for buildings, business facilities and public places. Here are some of the most common problems related to pigeon litter:

  1. Damage to Surfaces
    Pigeon feces contain acids that can damage the surfaces on which they are deposited. This can cause corrosion of materials such as metal and concrete, damaging the appearance of buildings.
  2. Unusable Outdoor Spaces
    The excessive presence of pigeon feces can make outdoor spaces, such as plazas and parking areas, unusable. This can cause inconvenience to customers or visitors and damage the image of the place.
  3. Negative Visual Impact
    Dirt caused by pigeons is visually unpleasant. The constant presence of feces on walls and roofs can give the impression of neglect and poor maintenance.

The Image of the Company in Play

For businesses, image is everything. Customers’ perceptions are influenced by every aspect, including the appearance of the buildings and places where they do business. Here’s how pigeon dirt can damage a company’s image:

  1. Poor Care and Cleanliness
    The obvious presence of pigeon feces on company buildings can make it appear that the company does not pay attention to cleanliness and maintenance. This can undermine customers’ confidence in the reliability of the company.
  2. Bad First Impression
    To potential customers or business partners, a company’s dirty and neglected appearance can create a bad first impression. This may even influence the decision to do business with the company.
  3. Potential Loss of Customers
    Customers may feel discouraged from visiting or shopping at a business with a dirty and unwelcoming exterior environment. This could result in the loss of valuable customers.

The Solution: Erre2 and Pigeon Control

Erre2 is the expert in pigeon removal and pest control. We offer effective solutions to protect your business or public place from the dirt and damage caused by pigeons. With the use of pigeon netting, pigeon spikes, and cleaning and removal services, Erre2 restores your organization’s image and reputation. Contact us today.


Dirt caused by pigeons can have serious consequences on the image of a business or public place. To protect your reputation and ensure a clean and welcoming environment, count on Erre2. Contact us today to find out how we can help you solve the problem of pigeon litter and maintain a positive image.