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Dissuasion with spikes for pigeons and other birds

If you want to protect your building, apartment block or business premises from the annoying presence of pigeons and other birds, then our spikes are the ideal solution.
Pigeons can pose a real challenge to buildings, roofs and balconies. Their annoying noise, dirt left behind and structural damage are just some of the concerns. Solving this problem is crucial, but it is equally important to do so in an animal-friendly manner.

Our solution

Spikes are one of the best solutions for their deterrence and removal.
These devices are made entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees their weather resistance and long life. Spikes are installed by our experts and are particularly effective for protecting windowsills, eaves, eaves, capitals and more.

The advantages of spikes

– Discretion: spikes provide an effective and virtually invisible method of bird control, keeping your business premises clean and safe without disturbing customers or staff or anyone in the building.
– Material Guarantee: made of weatherproof stainless steel, our spikes are durable and guaranteed, ensuring a long-term solution.
– Affordability: this pest control solution saves on cleaning and maintenance costs, making it a long-term investment for your company.
– Installation without inconvenience: the spikes do not cause inconvenience to birds and do not affect business operations. It is an effective and uncomplicated solution.

Spike deterrence is one of the most effective choices for protecting your buildings and preserving a clean and safe environment. We are here to offer you a solution customised to your needs.

Contact us today and free your property from the invasion of pigeons and birds in an efficient and respectful manner.

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