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Solutions to drive away pigeons and doves

We are a certified and licensed company with a team of highly qualified experts equiped to deal with the challenges of pigeon infestation and other types of birds.
The infestation of these birds is not only a nuisance, but represents a significant public hygiene challenge as they can transmit up to 60 different diseases such as salmonellosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis or candidiasis or encephalitis.
These can spread not only through direct contact with animal droppings but also through their dispersal in the air. In addition, droppings are rich in acids, including nitric acid, which can cause structural corrosion of buildings or monuments or building walls, endangering their integrity.
Various types of pests can also be found on pigeons, such as the ‘pigeon soft tick’ (Argas reflexus), as well as bedbugs, fleas and mites, which often cause infestations inside buildings where pigeons mostly nest, i.e. attics and lofts. These insects persist even once the birds are removed.

Pigeons – our solutions

We are specialised in the removal, deterrence and pest control of the domestic pigeon Columba Livia variant. Since pigeons are not protected species like some others, including doves, crows or seagulls, we can fully act with all our solutions depending on the situation, location and specific needs.
Some of the most affected locations include industrial sheds, companies, balconies, roofs, offices, terraces, hospitals, schools and historical monuments.
Some of our solutions are:
– Filo Ballerino: stainless steel wires horizontally positioned above the surfaces to be protected. The distinctive feature is the elasticity of the wires, which prevents pigeons from landing, prompting them to look elsewhere for a perch.
– Anti-pigeon spikes: discreet and highly effective, these deterrent devices made of weatherproof stainless steel prevent pigeons from roosting on surfaces.
– Electrified wire (electrified track): an effective system against all nuisance birds, such as gulls, starlings and pigeons. It works as a bollard once connected to the power supply unit.
– Anti-pigeon netting: made of polypropylene and steel, it prevents the intrusion of birds into the protected area, ensuring a reduced visual impact. This solution offers long-lasting and virtually unlimited protection.
– Intrusion barriers for solar panels: barriers made of high-quality aluminium protect panels from unwanted nesting. Installation is simple and safe, without damaging the panels.
– Hawks and birds of prey – trained hawks and other birds of prey scare birds away safely and permanently.
– Removal by natural methods – authorised collection: a solution that consists of collecting birds without causing them physical harm, helping to solve the problem in an ethical and sustainable manner.

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