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Anti-pigeon systems

We are a company specializing in the deterrence, pest control and removal of pigeons and the other annoying birds such as crows, gulls, sparrows and turtle doves. We mainly focus is on the removal and deterrence of pigeons, especially the domestic variant Columba Livia pigeon.
The presence of pigeons on the roofs of buildings, businesses, warehouses, hospitals, schools, churches and religious buildings can generate discomfort and cause structural damage as their presence and droppings can compromise surfaces. In addition, they add inconvenience regarding the noise and dirt they cause, can pose a risk to public health and also undermine corporate image.
Our proposals are varied and suitable for both offices, sheds, condominiums and solar panels. We also offer excrement remediation and space sanitation service.
Our commitment is to provide qualified, durable service tailored to fit your specific needs.

Contact us today for a customized consultation and visit the pages dedicated to each of our solutions.

Solar panels

Often pigeons or other birds nest between the roof and solar panels causing damage to the panels themselves and undermining their proper functioning. We propose intrusion barriers and panel cleaning services in this case.

Offices and warehouses

Customized proposals to ensure cleanliness, hygiene and peace of mind in your business spaces. Pigeon infestation not only damages the physical structure, but can also undermine the daily activities of your company’s workers.


Customized pest control and trapping solutions for pigeons and other birds to ensure hygiene, safety and tranquility in shared condominium spaces. Various systems to avoid structural damage and human health risks.

Droppings cleanup

Cleaning service of droppings-infested environments using professional vacuum cleaners and insecticides to eliminate pests carried by birds that can cause harm to human health. We ensure high hygiene throughout the process.


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