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Mosquito elimination and insect pest control service

Insect infestation represents a threat that goes far beyond the annoyance they can cause. When mosquitoes, flies, wasps, ants and cockroaches storm your environment, the inconveniences can be multiple and highly annoying.
As for mosquitoes, their constant buzzing is more than just a nuisance, it is a concern for your health. Mosquitoes are carriers of serious diseases, including malaria, Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.
As for ants, they are determined creatures looking for food, and once they have found a source, they can invade that space.
This is a problem not only because of their invasion, but also because of the potential damage they can cause to your food and the structure itself.
Finally, as far as cockroaches are concerned, their presence is often associated with hygiene problems and requires immediate attention.

Our solutions

Insect pest control is another key service we offer, particularly for the elimination of mosquitoes. We are a certified company specialising in offering highly effective solutions to protect your environment from unwanted insects. With solid experience in the industry and a total commitment to your peace of mind, we are ready to tackle insect infestation in any setting, whether it is a house, villa, balcony, garden, or larger buildings such as churches, schools and offices.
We offer a diverse range of mosquito pest control solutions, such as:
– Nebuleasy Force One: innovative nebuliser, supplied in partnership with OSD GRUPPO ECOTECH, is the ideal solution for creating a protective barrier against insects. It delivers biochemical or natural products that act as a shield against invading insects. Nebuleasy Force One is particularly suitable for outdoor spaces such as gardens and balconies, but can also be used inside buildings to provide complete protection.
– Polygor: ready-to-use insecticide, also offered by OSD GRUPPO ECOTECH. This powerful insecticide can be used both inside and outside spaces, offering immediate action. It fights invading insects effectively, providing a complete solution for your peace of mind.

Our mission: your safety

Our mission is to ensure that your environment is protected from insects safely and effectively. To this end, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We are here to offer you the protection you need and ensure that your environment is free from annoying and potentially dangerous insects.
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