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Ward off or drive away pigeons in a natural way

Our “authorised pigeon and bird collection” service is a natural method of pigeon and bird removal.
This solution is based on methods that respect birds and the surrounding environment in a way that does not harm the animals themselves or the ecosystem, but rather offers a harmonious solution for bird control that complies with current regulations.

Our service extends to a wide range of locations, including balconies, businesses and sheds. The subjects that can be involved in collection are:
– for suburban and agricultural areas: the Province intervenes.
– for urban areas: the Mayor intervenes as there are public hygiene problems and therefore authorises collection.

The collection solution – aviaries

After carrying out an inspection and assessing the criticality of the situation, one of our experts proceeds to install the aviaries in the quantity deemed most appropriate for achieving the objective. From then on, interventions will be weekly or fortnightly. The aviaries are fitted with special traps that are strictly painless, equipped with an entry device and not an exit device, filled with appetising feed and placed in places that are not visible to the public but are strategic for effectively attracting the birds.
The aviaries used by our company are not commercially available, as each one is built specifically according to the site where it is to be used, and are therefore unique in terms of size, characteristics and peculiarities necessary to guarantee their correct functioning and animal welfare.
When placed outdoors, aviaries are always anchored for safety reasons, so that they can withstand natural disasters and atmospheric agents. In particular:
a) in the presence of buildings, dividing walls or perimeter walls, special galvanised iron expansion bolts with eyelets, of suitable diameter, will be attached to which special snap hooks will be inserted to connect the steel cable to the turnbuckles, firmly immobilising the aviary on four sides.
b) In the case of existing railings, handrails and iron structures, only with the consent of the client will anchoring be carried out directly to the structures themselves. If signs of ringing are found among the collected specimens, they will be released unless you request it in writing. Specimens found dead during the assignment due to natural causes will be disposed of at a suitable authorised facility.
Transport will be carried out using an appropriate container registered with our AUSL. At the end of each assignment, a thorough cleaning of the aviaries will be carried out.

Protection of solar panels

If you own solar panels, you know how vulnerable they can be to pigeons. These nest in the cavity between the panel and the surface on which it is placed, sometimes even causing the panel to malfunction. This is why we offer specific solutions for the protection of solar panels, ensuring that their operation is not compromised.
We are certified by ISPRA, which confirms our commitment to a humanitarian and environmentally friendly approach to dealing with the pigeon problem.

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