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Health Risks and Diseases Transmitted by Pigeons: The Problem You Should Know About

In cities around the world, pigeons have become a common presence. These birds may seem harmless, but the more serious problem is that they can cause serious human health problems. It is important to know the health risks associated with pigeons.

Pigeons are known carriers of a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans through contact with their feces, their plumage or the consumption of contaminated meat. Here are some of the most common health risks related to pigeons

  1. Cryptococcosis
    Cryptococcosis is a serious fungal disease caused by a fungus called Cryptococcus neoformans, which can be found in the feces of pigeons. This fungus can become especially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems, such as HIV/AIDS patients. The infection can cause severe respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and difficulty breathing.
  2. Salmonellosis
    Pigeons can carry the bacterium Salmonella in their feces. Contact with these feces or contaminated surfaces can lead to ingestion of the bacterium, causing gastrointestinal infections. Typical symptoms of salmonellosis include diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and nausea.
  3. Ornithosis (Psittacosis)
    Ornithosis, also known as psittacosis, is a disease caused by a type of bacterium called Chlamydia psittaci, which can be found in pigeons. Humans can contract this disease through inhalation of dry feces particles or contaminated aerosols. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include fever, cough, general malaise, and difficulty breathing.
  4. Ectoparasites
    Pigeons can harbor external parasites such as ticks, lice and mites. These parasites can be transmitted to humans by direct contact or through contamination of the environment. Bites from these ectoparasites can cause itching, irritation and potential skin infections.

Erre2: The Solution for a Healthier Life

Fortunately, there is a solution to mitigate pigeon-related health risks. Erre2 is a company specializing in pigeon removal and pest control. With over 40 years of experience and a solid reputation in the industry, Erre2 offers effective solutions to protect public health. These include:

How Does Erre2 Solve the Problem?
Anti-Pigeon Nets: Erre2 uses high-quality anti-pigeon nets to physically prevent pigeons from roosting or nesting on buildings and structures. These nets are an effective barrier to prevent contact with pigeon feces and plumage.

Anti-Pigeon Spikes: Erre2’s anti-stinker spikes are an unobtrusive but highly effective solution. These deterrent devices make surfaces uncomfortable for birds, preventing them from landing and depositing infected feces.

Licensed Removal: Erre2 is licensed for removal by natural methods of pigeons, thus reducing the risk of contamination and spread of disease.

Continuous Maintenance: Erre2 offers continuous maintenance services to ensure that anti-pigeonhole solutions are always effective over time.


Diseases caused by pigeons pose a threat to public health, but Erre2 offers an effective solution to address this problem. Protecting yourself and your community from the health risks associated with pigeons is critical to ensuring healthier lives. Contact us today for more information about our bird deterrence and pest control solution and help create a safer environment for everyone.