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Driving out crows: removal solutions

Crows, intelligent and protected animals, can become a nuisance when they gather in large numbers. As a company specialising in pest control and pigeon trapping, we also offer an effective solution to the problem of crows.
These animals are known for their intelligence and adaptability but create great problems when settled in urban or business areas. In these situations, a targeted and respectful approach is appropriate.

Our Solution – The electronic Scary Hawk

Find out how our innovative scary hawk or electronic hawk system is the ideal remedy for effectively deterring and warding off crows from roofs, balconies, houses, buildings, flats, businesses and warehouses. It is a bird deterrent consisting of a sturdy iron box containing an automatic falcon with wide-range motion sensors, covering an angle of 180 degrees and a radius of 10 metres. When the automatic hawk is activated, it snaps outwards, and the self-powered speakers play the typical hawk cry, scaring away any crows in the vicinity.
Scary hawk or electronic hawk operates automatically, activating when crows approach the predetermined distance.
The machine consists of a mechanical body, a support arm, a control panel and motion sensors for activating the self-speakers.

The advantages of the electronic falcon

– Respect for the law: as crows are protected animals, the electronic falcon is the legal and ethical solution for their removal.
– Proven efficiency: our deterrent is highly effective in driving crows away, ensuring your peace of mind.
– Easy installation: the scary hawk or electronic hawk system can be easily installed on your structures, offering a practical solution.
Choose this innovative and sustainable solution to solve the problem of crows, respecting the animal but ensuring the safety of your areas.

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