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Keeping pigeons and doves away from the balcony

Pigeons on balconies can be annoying and unsightly. Often, these birds cause damage to structures and can be a nuisance to the inhabitants of houses and apartment blocks. If you are tired of the nuisance caused by pigeons on your balcony and are looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution, you are in the right place.

Effective and environmentally friendly solutions

We are a company specialised in pigeon removal from balconies and we offer tailor-made services to solve this problem permanently. We use methods that are both effective and animal-friendly. Our experts use a range of tools designed to deter pigeons without causing them harm. These tools include:
– Stings: strategically placed, they prevent pigeons from landing on balconies.
– Spikes: they create an uncomfortable surface for pigeons, discouraging them from roosting.
– Needles: a safe method of keeping pigeons away without causing them physical harm.
– Wire and netting: they create physical barriers that prevent pigeons from accessing balconies.
Our goal is not only to drive pigeons away, but also to eliminate the problem at its root. Using a combination of specialised methods and tools, we guarantee that pigeons will not return to infest your balconies.

We adapt our solutions to your needs

We can adapt our solutions to the specific needs of your condominium, house, building or flat. Our goal is not only to chase away the pigeons, but also to eliminate the problem at its root. No problem is too big or too small for us.

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