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Pigeon dropping cleanup and remediation service

The birds dropping cleanup service is based on a professional and focused approach. We use state-of-the-art instrumentation and take preventive measures to ensure safety and hygiene throughout the process.
To reclaim drpping-infested environments, we employ special vacuum cleaners, selected according to the characteristics of the spaces to be treated. In the most critical cases, we make use of industrial vacuum cleaners specially designed for this delicate service. The entire suction system is placed outside the buildings, from which the suction tubes operated by the operators inside the affected spaces depart. The dropping collected is deposited in special silos and then transferred into plastic bags, ensuring a process free of lifting dust and unpleasant odors. Before and after each remediation operation, we carry out thorough pest control using insecticidal products registered by the Ministry of Health.
This ensures a safe environment free from health hazards, preserving your peace of mind and ensuring the well-being of the people who frequent the reclaimed spaces.

Your safety and health are the focus of our attention. We work passionately to keep your environment free of pests and pollution.

Why bird droppings cleanup is necessary

Pigeons, especially the domestic variant Columba Livia pigeon, and other birds pose a threat not only because of their annoying presence but also because of the diseases they can carry. In addition to being direct agents of diseases, such as cryptococcosis and salmonellosis, they can carry parasites such as ticks, bedbugs, fleas, and mites, which carry additional infectious diseases. These pests often infest buildings where pigeons nest, especially attics and lofts, even if the birds’ presence is eliminated, creating serious sanitation problems

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